Someone has reviewed me in the United States


Dear friends, today I learned that on April 24, just a month ago, an enthusiastic reader of my book published in English, Rosario Livatino – Justice requires love wrote a beautiful review on Amazon. I want to share it with you.

Shirz writes:


“I recently came to know of Blessed Rosario Livatino since I am working in the legal field and found him very relatable and inspirational. I am not Italian so this is by far, the only English book I can find. Yet, I am really happen with how this book paints his life in words. The author even included a chapter explaining the rise of the mafia in order to give us a better understanding of the context that Blessed Rosario Livatino lived in and how that affected him and the people of his town… I know have a better insight on the life of Blessed Martyr and his inspiration and heavenly intercession has greatly helped me in my life as well.
Thank you to the author Maria Amata Di Lorenzo! You have done a great service in your work! Thank you all the way from the Philippines…”
❤ Thank you, my dear reader Shirz! ❤



My name is Maria Amata Di Lorenzo and this is my blog, designed as a space for creative and very sensitive people, in order to give your mind and heart spaces for reflection and beauty.

I’m an author, therapist and teacher who’s helping creative and sensitive souls to live better and know, trust and express their hearts, inner wisdom and creativity, with kindness and love.

Writing has always had an important place in my life. As an author, I love to create stories to tell with words and images. My stories tell deep feelings, which reflect my soul and raise questions about the mystery of life and love.

I published in English, Rosario Livatino – Justice Requires Love. And Teresa of Calcutta – A Heart Inhabited by God. Have you read any of my books?

I call them “the works of my heart” because they are books that are born from my soul.

Creativity is a sacred gift. And just these days, My Diary with Angels is on Amazon, as part of an editorial project called “Creativity and Personal Growth”, a series of creative notebooks available in Italian, Spanish, English and French.

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