They shine like the stars forever

The face that looks at me and almost smiles at me from the photo I have in front of as writing these pages is an open face, bright and serene.

The smart forehead, the dark eyes, with liquid black pupils, which stand out like gems on the shy and gentle face, with a barely evoked smile.

“The supreme act of justice is necessarily the supreme act of love if it is about true justice, and vice versa if it is about genuine love”.

These words of Rosario Livatino echo in my mind. Words that are his credo. And also his heritage: justice always passes through love.

Dear friends, autumn arrives with a date that is absolutely impossible for me not to remember: in fact, on September 21, 1990, judge Rosario Livatino died. I, as you know, am his biographer. I have dedicated over 20 years of my life to talking about him in lectures held in universities and writing about his life in articles that have appeared in newspapers, and books.

One, recently released in four languages, is entitled “Rosario Livatino – Justice requires love“. Read for free on Amazon the first chapters of my book, available in Italian, English, French and Spanish, to get to know a shining figure of our century.

A normal boy, who had breathed mafia air since he was a child, but the call for justice in him was louder than anything. His passion for duty was linked to the certainty that evil and injustice are destined to be overcome by the power of good and truth.

Rosario Livatino. A young man for whom the ideal was worth more than his life. But today more alive than ever… It is written, in fact, and not by chance: “Those who lead the many to justice will shine like the stars forever” (Dn 12: 3).

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