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The novel of Thérèse of Lisieux

by Maria Amata Di Lorenzo

(published in Italy by Portosicuro Editore – print edition / ebook edition of April 2016)  

not yet available in English

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Thérèse of Lisieux has a childhood immediately besieged by grief for the loss of her mother. She grows up among serious illnesses, the warmth of home, the embrace of a father strengthened by a powerful vocation, four sisters who soon become cloistered sisters of the church, simple play and a great yearning for heaven, love in all, to be whole and to want all.

Little Thérèse soon realizes that the road to higher places is hidden from view, the one that she sings of in secret, the one that is to be found in the tiny kingdom of the butterfly or in a blade of grass that captures the power and the immensity of God’s heart.

She will belong to that heart. Hers will become at one with it. She will herself be the heart of God.

A literary investigation that resonates with the heartstrings of the soul and that hooks you from the very first page, thanks to its refined and moving writing replete with inner vibrations and as light as the breath of blown glass.

                                                            [Simona Lo Iacono]



I shall sing even when

I must pick my flowers among thorns,

and the longer and sharper the thorns,

the sweeter shall be my song…’