How to get help from the Angels

All of us have our angels and they just wait to help us with infinite love…

My Diary with Angels is perfect as a birthday gift, or as a Christmas or Valentine’s Day present. A precious, low-cost gift. For your best friend, your mother, your niece, your colleague, your wife, your girlfriend, or whoever you want, to whom you want to donate a delicate and creative thought.

But you can give it to yourself first of all, and you will see that it will be a well-made choice because putting your thoughts and emotions on paper is a life-changing ritual. It is a growth path that gently accompanies you day after day on the paths of that happiness you so desire.

When you begin to write to the angels, opening your heart to them, you will notice great and pleasant surprises in your life.

Your daily practice with the angels on this journal will bring you more love, more joy, more peace, more well-being and the miracle of life will shine again around you.

120 pages of which more than 100 to be completed, for adults and children
with beautiful poems and phrases about angels to read and meditate on
quality paper – 6 x 9 inches

It’s only on Amazon.