My first video on Youtube!

Dear friends,

this is my first video on Youtube, and I wanted to dedicate it to Rosario Livatino, a magistrate recently proclaimed Blessed by the Catholic Church, on whom I have written “rivers of words” over the years. In particular, here you can watch the trailer of my latest book dedicated to him, “Rosario Livatino – Justice Requires Love” that you can find in paperback and e-book on Amazon.

Thanks for your kind attention.
Maria Amata ❤

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Published in 2021 with the important news concerning his cause of beatification, this book tells the story of Judge Rosario Livatino, killed by the Agrigento’s mafia and recognized as a “martyr of the faith” by Pope Francis, to be raised to glory altars as blessed on May 9, 2021.

A witness of our time. Lover of life, justice, truth. Italy knew his history from the pages of the newspapers, reading about his barbaric murder which took place on September 21, 1990, in Sicily by the Agrigento’s mafia, the “stidda.” Rosario Livatino was a martyr for the cause of justice. Judge and Christian, he lived his entire short life to accomplish a task to which he had felt called since he was a child: to be a judge was his vocation.

In this book there is his story, with the memories of those who knew him well and his personal reflections on justice, his discouragement confided to the secret diary, the dark nights of the soul that he lived before his tragic end, and also his invincible faith, his life of authentic charity which makes him today a witness, pointed out by the Catholic Church as a model.

“Rosario Livatino. Justice Requires Love” by Maria Amata Di Lorenzo is a book that tells us Rosario Livatino and the deep meaning of his life and his ideals, as a legacy to be passed on to the younger generations: justice requires love.

“A book that tells the story of Judge Rosario Livatino and also highlights his thoughts, illuminating reflections on the relationship between justice and charity, what it means to exercise justice in a noble way, with love. Very well written, with passion and accuracy, I really liked this book.” (Peter Paul, verified customer)

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