The place of sensitive souls



If you took a look at my blog you could see that it now has a name, it’s called The place of sensitive souls.

This is what I wish it was, at all times. A place for sensitive souls: warm, safe, welcoming.

A place where to narrate oneself and meet with others, where to share your dreams, your emotions without fear.

Inside you can find my main passions which are psychology and the stars and mysteries enclosed in the afterlife. And then issues of natural health and well-being, self-esteem and love, self-healing, and psycho-emotional development. And then topics that speak to my heart like literature, cinema, theater, music, art, and spirituality.

And I could also talk to you about useful techniques and tools for meditation, intuition, and the development of that wonderful and powerful thing called creativity.

And again: the books I read, the things I find interesting (inside and outside the web), the things that I want to say only to you in preview, waiting for your considerations and welcoming them with my open heart.

Yes, because this blog is not a monologue, the “monologue of Maria Amata”, but an authentic exchange and an evolutionary approach based on reciprocity.

Together we are a force, and we can do a lot for our lives, to improve them and to help others who live in contact with us.

Are you convinced?

I yes, I firmly believe in it, and I am always committed to pursuing good and harmony both inside and outside me.

Sometimes I will talk to you about me, about my life, sometimes I will share something that could be useful for your life.

I have many beautiful things in store for you, but you will discover them little by little over the course of this year.

It will be a beautiful journey, I promise you.


My name is Maria Amata Di Lorenzo. I am Italian, from Rome. I have written books that have been distributed to date in nine languages ​​and creative texts for radio, film and theater. I have worked for over twenty years as a journalist and as an author and editorial consultant, and have led creative writing courses.

I love to create stories that I like to tell in words and pictures. Have you read any of my works? I call them “the works of my heart” because they are books that are born from my soul.

Two of my books will soon be published in English: Teresa of Calcutta – The Novel of a Soul; Rosario Livatino – Justice Requires Love. This book tells the story of Judge Rosario Livatino, killed by the Mafia in Sicily in 1990, and will be published in English, French, and Spanish, as well as in Italian.

In order to give your soul spaces for reflection and beauty, I opened my site, Amata for you, and my blog: “The place of sensitive souls“. I opened this place on the web to build bridges of friendship. In Italian, you can read my blog here:


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