It’s not a game, but your life



One of the best things about life is that you can always start over. You can always resume the journey. And it doesn’t matter how old you are, and what has happened in your life in the meantime, what disaster, what cataclysm. You have the cards, all of them, in your hand. It’s just not a game, it’s your life.

Instead, I often hear: well, this is not possible, by now … I really don’t think it can be done, it’s late now, and then I, I am unlucky in life!

Did you hear the “bad luck” story?

I grew up with this story, since I was a child, they gave it to me to eat and drink for lunch and dinner, until, as an adult, I finally understood that bad luck does not exist, and that power is all in our hands.

Life is in our hands, and to think instead that it is luck or bad luck that moves the chess of our existence means giving up our personal power.

To give it to whom? To something “external”, to a kind of blindfolded, changeable, and capricious goddess, over whom we have no control, no power.

Maybe you don’t know this, but it means to get rid of responsibility.

Unfortunately, this is a very common way of thinking.

Maybe they’ve taught you the same things, maybe you’ve heard them continually repeat around you, in your family, in your work environment, on TV programs.

And you thought it, and you incorporated and strengthened this thought within yourself every time a business has gone wrong, a story of money, of work. Or love, which you never had or lost one day at a bizarre roulette table. Like a bad chess game, where you lost and went home with a terrible sense of defeat in the chest.

Was that bad luck?

Try to see things from another point of view. This is a discourse that focuses on the concept of responsibility.

And responsibility has a sort of twin sister: it’s called awareness.

Both together build an adult, mature human being, no longer a child, no longer afraid of fate.

When you reflect on your life, when you gradually acquire awareness and take responsibility for yourself, then things change.

Doors open where previously there were only walls.

We can start again. Even at forty, fifty, sixty, and older. Because time doesn’t exist, we invented it. There is only our will.

I wish you to possess, with luminous strength and with immense certainty, this will.

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My name is Maria Amata Di Lorenzo. I am Italian, from Rome. I have written books that have been distributed to date in nine languages ​​and creative texts for radio, film and theater. I have worked for over twenty years as a journalist and as an author and editorial consultant, and have led creative writing courses.

I love to create stories that I like to tell in words and pictures. Have you read any of my works? I call them “the works of my heart” because they are books that are born from my soul.

Two of my books will soon be published in English: Teresa of Calcutta – The Novel of a Soul; Rosario Livatino – Justice Requires Love. This book tells the story of Judge Rosario Livatino, killed by the Mafia in Sicily in 1990, and will be published in English, French, and Spanish, as well as in Italian.

In order to give your soul spaces for reflection and beauty, I opened my site, Amata for you, and my blog: “The place of sensitive souls“. I opened this place on the web to build bridges of friendship. In Italian, you can read my blog here:


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