The love we never had


Yesterday I walked the streets of Rome, all decorated and sparkling, and I felt more melancholy that joy to see so many lights, so much sparkles, so external pump, which recurs regularly every year when Christmas comes back and December arrives in its most outward, consumerist, which I confess I do not like at all.

So I thought to myself, walking absorbed in the verses of Elio Fiore:

Mary was all dressed in black,
standing on the ground, firm, composed,
between her arms holding Jesus.

On the crowded street the passersby
went distracted, not looking,
without giving one cent of alms.

Mary’s eyes were closed
but two tears trickled down
her face. Jesus smiled at me

while the lights turned on
in the luxury stores, sparkling
with gifts, with stars, with angels.

Jesus clasped my hand
and in that innocent smile
I felt all the sorrow of the world…

The poet recognizes the mother of Jesus in the shoes of a homeless with his son in tow in a rich and glittering street of a western city, amid the indifference of passers-by and a restrained pain, full of dignity.

I hope that you and I, at least these days, we stop to think about all the things that too often we have (in terms of food, clothing, mobile phones, ipad, luxury items) and on the other hand, we think about the little that we really have (love, compassion, dialogue, friendship, goods very very rare).

I wish you a happy Christmas and a New Year full of joy for you and to achieve all the desires that you have in your heart!

Maria Amata


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