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I welcome you to my digital home. I let you into my world.

It is a world of kindness and care. This is the place of sensitive souls, and if you are too, then you are in the right place. A comfortable place, full of light, like a well-lit and warm corner of the house. A place to narrate and meet others, to get involved and share emotions, fears, and dreams. A laboratory for personal writing and self-knowledge, quiet and calm.

This is the place in my welcoming and sensitive heart to stop and find space for beauty, love and kindness.

The poet Alda Merini wrote: «I like people who know how to listen to the wind on their skin, feel the smell of things, capture their soul. Those who have their flesh in contact with the flesh of the world. Because in them, there is truth, there is sweetness, there is sensitivity, there is still love».

These words were written by Alda Merini, but I could have said them too because they completely reflect me.

Do we want to know each other more?

My name is Maria Amata Di Lorenzo, and I am the author of novels and stories for theater and cinema. I have also written biographies, non-fiction texts and poems.

A writer by vocation, teacher and therapist by training, I like to call myself a “gardener of the soul.” With my words, I am at the service of others,with care and love.

My passions since I was a child have been psychology and the stars and mysteries about the afterlife because from very early on I felt in me the deep desire to go beyond the superficial veil of things and understand life in all its mysterious complexity.

I have worked for more than twenty years as a journalist and as an author and editorial consultant, and have directed creative writing courses. Graduated in Modern Literature, after studying at the Urbino School of Journalism, I specialized in Marketing and Communication and later delved into the field of so-called “help relationships”, studying psychology and counseling, natural medicine, psychobiology and psychosomatics, art therapy and creative writing. I deal with spirituality and comprehensive personal growth, and I am interested in the transformative and therapeutic power of creativity. I teach people to discover and put into practice their creative potential and inner wisdom, for their own spiritual growth and their well-being, healing and self-realization.

Writing has always had an important place in my life. I have been writing for many years and I have cultivated my literary vocation as an inner investigation, as an ethical, spiritual dimension, related to the deepest needs of my soul and not with certain commercial logic that is present in the publishing world.

I was very young when I published my first book, it was a collection of verses that had splendid reviews and got precious encouragement from Gesualdo Bufalino: for me, a young newcomer, his appreciation was very important to continue and believe in the value of my writing.

Many books have come out since that successful debut, and my texts to date have also been translated into numerous languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Czech and Slovenian.

As an author, I love to create stories that are told with words and images. My stories tell deep feelings, which reflect my soul and raise questions about the mystery of life and love.

Creativity is a sacred gift. And just these days, My Diary with Angels arrived on Amazon, as part of an editorial project called “Creativity and Personal Growth”, a series of creative notebooks available in Italian, Spanish, English and French.

In 2021, I published in English Rosario Livatino – Justice Requires Love. And in 2022 Teresa of Calcutta – A Heart Inhabited By God.

Have you read any of my books?

I call them “the works of my heart” because they are books that are born from my soul.

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What does it mean to write for me?

For me, writing is a time of maximum freedom, it is pure happiness. This is my natural dimension, in which I feel totally in tune with myself and with the world.

Our whole life is a journey toward ourselves, writing for me is the way back.

In order to give your mind and heart spaces for reflection and beauty, I opened my blog: “The place of sensitive souls”. I opened this place on the web to build bridges of friendship, and for this reason, I also wanted to create my newsletter: it will accompany you along the path – beautiful and difficult – of life with small seeds of happiness, advice, news, thoughts at the tip of the pen.


Amata for you is my website and “The place of sensitive souls” is my blog, my digital home.

My blog is currently available on the web in Italian, English, French, and Spanish.

I’m on Facebook, and you can also find me on YouTube with my video channel in English; I’m also on LinkedIn, on Instagram, on Pinterest, and on Twitter.